Qualified & Caring

Our teachers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere to foster your child’s creativity and positive self–image. Each member of our team is carefully selected, trained, and evaluated to ensure they meet our qualifications of early childhood education and care. Our staff undergoes continuous learning and training and constantly evaluates our learning experiences for your child.

Ms. Angel

Infant Room Lead Teacher

Ms. Lorna

Toddler Room Lead Teacher 

Ms. Charlotte

Tots Teacher

Toddler Room Lead Teacher 

Ms. Jeanette

Toddler Room Lead Teacher 

Ms. Elizabeth (Liz)

Toddler Room Lead Teacher 

Ms. Ashley

Lead 2 -Year Old Room Teacher 

Ms. Anna

Lead 2 1/2-Year Old Room Teacher 

Ms. Marlene

Lead 3-Year Old Room Teacher 

Ms. Mary

Infant Room Lead Teacher 

Ms. Mindy

Lead 4-Year Old Room Teacher 

Ms. Megan MacKenzie 

Center Support/Administration 

Ms. Nikki Strege 

Center Director 

Ms. Stephanie Gehm 

Director of Staff & Curriculum