Age-appropriate Developmental Education

Our Mission

Pilgrim Child Development Center believes in the mission of providing an environment that is Christ-centered, child-oriented and safe for the children in our care.


Your child will experience art and expression through the freedom of touching, feeling, pulling, twisting, tearing, pasting, scraping, cutting, pounding, shaping and so much more.

Music & Storytime

Music and storytime give your child opportunities to use their entire bodies for learning and exploring their surroundings, building awareness by listening to many kinds of sound.

Dramatic Play

We have dress up clothes, props and child-size furniture that invite your child to make-believe.


This area is where your child can stack and count blocks to help them learn measurements, size, weight, and number concepts. Your child learns base mathematics and physics through activities that encourage relational thought.


Each infant will eat and sleep on an individualized schedule determined by the parent and classroom teacher. Teachers provide care that is warm and responsive to allow for healthy development. Infants will spend their days working on motor skills during tummy time such as learning to roll over and sit up. They will be held, rocked, comforted, and loved by our dedicated staff. They will also be engaged in conversations and songs, toys, early literacy, and worship. Individual cribs, cubbies, and space to learn the first steps of development will be provided.

Parents are asked to supply diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, extra clothes, and sleep sacks. All items must be labeled (food and drink will be labeled and dated daily). PCDC staff will rinse the bottles and place in labeled diaper bag. Parents are asked to wash and refill bottles daily. PCDC allows frozen breast milk that is labeled and dated to be stored in our freezer in the kitchen. Please inform the staff in writing how you would like the frozen breast milk to be used.

To reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), PCDC will follow these regulations:

  • All infants will be placed on their backs to sleep unless written release is supplied from a physician
  • Soft objects will be removed from cribs, including pacifier attachments
  • Sleep sacks will only be used in cribs
  • Sheets are supplied by PCDC ensuring a tight fit around the mattress
  • Staff will remove sleeping children from a swing or car seat and place them in a crib
  • Staff will ensure that awake, non-mobile infants have time each day in a prone position (tummy time)
  • PCDC cribs meet the safety requirements and standards as set by the State of Wisconsin
  • Toddlers

    Toddlers are beginning to intentionally explore objects in the classroom, solve problems, understand language and thrive on new experiences. PCDC teachers will use music, finger plays, small group activities and play to introduce these new experiences throughout the day. The Christian faith is integrated in the planned activities. The daily schedules will be flexible including structured activities, free choice exploration, outdoor play, circle time and nap time. The toddlers are learning to eat at a table and sleep on cots for the first time. Our toddler rooms are led by kind, loving and patient teachers who will treat the children in their care with respect as they guide them. 

    Parents are asked to supply labeled meals, extra clothes, outside clothes, diapers, wipes and blankets for nap time. Toddlers must wear closed toe shoes at all times in the center. PCDC does not allow pillows on cots for safety purposes. All meals are required to be “Nut Free” as there are allergies in the building. Please read labels carefully ensuring the food item is made in a nut free factory. Each toddler classroom is supplied with a refrigerator for meals to be stored. Please label and date containers provided from home daily.

    Two Year Olds

    The 2 year olds are busy learning their own body awareness and skills as they tackle the world through exploration! Potty training is a new challenge to be conquered. They love to play in the Science center and dramatic play areas. Friendships and social skills are beginning to develop at this age. Structure and schedules are key parts in providing the right environment for 2 year olds to feel safe as they learn and grow. 

     The classroom is attached to a bathroom that allows the children to routinely practice potty training. This new challenge begins with diaper changes and experiences with the toilet. The training becomes a part of the schedule quickly with children showing interest and learning from friends who are successful. 

    The teachers in this classroom are encouraging and consistent with daily routines in a loving manner. The 2 year olds can always be heard singing about Jesus and moving their bodies through play and dance! The staff works hard to provide the children in their care with a loving and safe environment each day.

    2½ Year Olds

    At 2 ½, children are continuing to grow in confidence and understanding of the world around them. A safe, fun, structured setting helps them practice already mastered milestones while also being challenged to learn and discover new things. Fine motor activities, sensory exploration, learning and play centers are just a part of the day. A theme- based learning environment helps prepare them for preschool. Their days are filled with worship, friendship building, and opportunities to learn and grow as individuals. A structured schedule is maintained to allow for consistent potty training. The teachers provide loving guidance as the children learn through play and exploration. 

    Parents are asked to bring labeled extra clothes, outside clothes, and a blanket. All children are required to wear closed toed shoes at PCDC. 

    Lunches can be placed in the refrigerator at the bottom of the stairs in the play area. Parents are asked to label and date lunches daily before placing in the refrigerator.

    3- & 4-Year-Old Enrichment Program

    PCDC understands the importance of fostering a safe, fun and engaging learning environment. Our 3- & 4- year-old enrichment programs offer just that! Learning is theme based and incorporates a variety of engaging, creative and challenging activities to help your child grow according to God’s unique plan for them. Friendships and social experiences are an important part of this stage in life. Play, centers, lessons and projects enhance the 3- & 4-year old’s development. The lessons will include name and number recognition, science exploration, sensory, art, music and movement, and social studies activities. The children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and readiness. Weekly chapel services with Pastor Rusnak, daily devotions and Jesus time set the tone for learning and loving as we grow together in Christ. The 3- & 4-year old enrichments teachers are loving, generous caregivers who help prepare for success in the school setting they will enter the following year. 

    Parents are asked to bring labeled extra clothes, outside clothes, and a blanket. All children are required to wear closed toed shoes at PCDC. 

    Lunches can be placed in the refrigerator at the bottom of the stairs in the play area. Parents are asked to label and date lunches daily before placing in the refrigerator.