Expectations & Requirements

Payments & Rates

  • Payment of Fees: We request that families use Tuition Express to pay fees in advance. It has both a credit card and bank account debit option. At enrollment, you will receive additional information and paperwork for Tuition Express. You will also be required to sign an “Acceptance of Financial Obligation” form. It will certify that you understand the fees and charges and will be responsible for them. The person(s) responsible will be receiving all communications from the Center regarding payments.
  • Returned Payment Fees: A $30 fee will be added to accounts for any payment returned to us for any reason, in addition to any applicable Tuition Express fees.
  • Late Pick-Ups: A fee of $10 will be charged for every 15 minutes that a child remains in our care past our 5:30pm closing time.
  • Processing Fee: Credit card payments will be charged a 2% processing fee per transaction.
  • Please refer to our most up-to-date rate information.
  • Sick & Personal Days

    At times you may choose to keep your child at home, due to symptoms of illness, special family outings, etc. You will be charged for such days, regardless, as we must provide adequate staffing to accommodate all children regularly scheduled to use our services that day.

    Maternity / Summer Schedules

    Should your family needs include an extended leave, families will be charged for one full day of care during that time period. This will reserve your child’s spot in their class. Families may elect to not pay the one day’s fee at the risk of that spot no longer being available. If space is available upon return, an additional Registration fee will be assessed.


    Payment is still due for any holidays the fall within your normal schedule. Please refer to our holiday schedule.

    Emergency Closings

    Families will not be charged on days that PCDC is closed for inclement weather, low enrollment, lack of utilities and the like. Pandemic amendments will apply when necessary.

    Additional Days

    If you need to add a day to your normal schedule, we will be happy to assist as long as there is room in your child’s room that day. Please contact the office to determine if there is room for your child. The rate for that week will be your child’s normal weekly rate plus the one-day rate for the additional day your child will attend that week.


    Registration fees are not refundable. Fees are assessed based on the number of days per week for which you have agreed. Refunds are not given for days that your child is not in attendance due to sickness, family vacations, doctor appointments and the like.

    Termination of Enrollment

    If you find that PCDC no longer meets your needs, a two-week written notice will be required. Your regular weekly fee will be assessed, regardless of whether your child(ren) are in attendance during this two-week period. Payments for these final two weeks must be paid by credit card or a bank account debit. Families leave in good standing, if their account is paid in full prior to the final day.